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Sriyantra painting –The Most Auspicious Yantra

How to attain Fortune, Prosperity, and Wealth

Sriyantra painting –The Most Auspicious Instrument
It is considered the most auspicious, important and powerful instrument. Shree Yantra is a
Sanskrit name where Sri – meaning Wealth and Yantra – meaning Instrument. It has a direct
connection with Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity for fortune, prosperity, and wealth.
Therefore it has enormous power to fulfill all our desires for prosperity

Sri YantraSriyantra

Fengshui Paintings for Your Office

Feng Shui Paintings Whether you work at home, at a big office or at a small cubicle in your office – the vibes around your workspace influence your passion, creativity, success and growth. Everything in our universe has power to influence the surrounding. In the same way, everything that surrounds you at your workplace has power to influence your life energy. Then why not channelize these energies for your best? And the best and easiest way to do that is hanging FengShui Paintings in your office. Paintings are not just for decorating your walls but also your life and Fengshui Paintings do exactly the same by attracting positive energy ‘Chi’ in your life. FengShui paintings bring prosperity, success, wealth and good luck in your life.

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